Annie: A Case Summary

Leigh Bea Haygood

This summer 7, 2011

Liberty University

COUN 510

Dr . Suzie Johnson 

Annie is a 53-year-old Caucasian female who reveals for counseling due to complications in her past impacting her current marriage. Jordan, age 53 and Annie met on the internet, dated a few a few months, then married. They have been married 10 years. This really is Annie’s 4th marriage; Michael’s second marriage. They have not any children jointly but every single has kids from past marriages. You will find three kids, Jennifer, thirty-two; Rick, twenty-eight; and Brenton, 21. Annie’s father, Ashton, worked pertaining to the Federal government; her mother, Maggie, was a university teacher. Consequently, her maternal grandparents’ home was regarded as home, wherever Annie and her just sibling, Draw, spent almost all of their summers while their particular mother completed her degree. Johnny can be 76 and Margaret is usually 73. They are retired. Johnny usually attends church alone. Margaret says to be a Baptist Christian although not demonstrative with her faith. Her dad was the growing parent. This individual played game titles with both children, spent period discussing books, nature, and helping with school jobs. Annie’s mother was extremely conscious of interpersonal status and outward looks presented in the community. Her mother was less than nurturing and insisted in perfection in the home’s appearance as well as both equally children’s scholars, extracurricular activities, and patterns in general. When failure or shortcoming took place, severe punishment was executed by Annie’s mother, by means of corporal punishments and constraints. Her mom was incredibly authoritarian. Annie began searching for love by simply marrying young to escape her mother’s dominance. Her sibling escaped through his music and even attempted to run away repeatedly. Annie hitched alcoholics and drug abusers her first three relationships. All were from “good” families. All husbands were physically abusive. Her first husband,...