" Tony Bronze Caktiong”

Tony Color Caktiong may be the founder and current Chairman and CEO of Philippine fast food chain Jollibee. He graduated through the University of Santo Tomas with a level in chemical engineering. Caktiong had at first planned a great ice cream shop when he founded Jollibee, then subsequently added additional food such as burgers, french fries, and fried rooster.

Food and family happen to be two essential elements at the rear of the success of both equally Tony Tan Caktiong great company, Jollibee Foods Inc.

While developing up in Davao (Southern Mindanao), he great brothers worked in their relatives restaurant where their dad was as well the gourmet. From his parents, that they learned two basic ingredients that led to the Jollibee sensation — great food and humility.

Following high school, Mr. Tan Caktiong moved to Manila to pursue an engineering training course at the College or university of Santo Tomas. After graduating from the university, he and his brothers applied for a franchise of Magnolia Your favorite ice cream House.

The company was already doing well but they noticed that the customers were looking for something besides ice cream. This kind of gave them the idea to serve casse-cro?te and other. Pretty soon, the hot meals had been outselling the frozen wonders. Mr. Tan Caktiong chosen to convert their very own two goodies parlors into dine-in fast-food restaurants known as " Jollibee. ”

The storyline behind the name is really as interesting as the company's. When ever Mr. Color Caktiong and his family were brainstorming over a symbol for business, they will thought of a bee since it is known for their hard work.

Bees also develop honey that represents the sweet points in life. Additionally , they also needed the term to indicate happiness and prefixed " jolly” individuals should be happy with their operate to enjoy that. With Jollibee, the Tan Caktiong team decided to concentrate on the Filipino taste. They made sure — as their daddy had taught them — that all the food that Jollibee serves need to taste good.

And when they learned that the Number One fastfood cycle in the world was making a great entry in the Philippines, Mr. Tan Caktiong knew that they had simply two alternatives: to be a franchise of the global brand in order to stand itself.

Today, it is a known reality Jollibee is a undisputed leader in the local fastfood industry. Jollibee commands 65% of the marketplace, leading in three key segments — Jollibee in chicken and burgers; Chowking in asian fast food; and Greenwich in pizza and pasta. Moreover, Jollibee is among the largest franchising networks in the Philippines. Via two shops in 1975, Jollibee can be obtained from around nine hundred locations in the country and 30 overseas. This phenomenon is due mainly to Mr. Suntan Caktiong's continual drive to innovate, to look ahead, and to learn from other companies' successes and mistakes. Dr. murphy is the toughest quality controller of Jollibee's products and services.

At the moment, Mr. Tan Caktiong is upbeat about doing business in China and tiawan and Philippines. Jollibee is going to explore chances in the Japanese dining section through the US California-based Tomi's Teriyaki Japan Restaurant. He's not worried to fail inspite of an lost venture at the center East. From a business perspective, he thinks the instance successful as a result of valuable lessons he learned form it.

For his tremendous achievement, Mr. Color Caktiong was recognized Supervision Man in the Year in 2002. He has also been presented an Hoje em dia Award intended for Outstanding Promoting Achievement, a Triple A Alumni Award from the Cookware Institute of Management, a Golden Slide Award, a Ten Excellent Young Men (TOYM) Award pertaining to Entrepreneurship, a Star of Asia Award from BusinessWeek, and a Lifetime Achievement Merit from the Hard anodized cookware Chain Restaurant Operators and Suppliers Series.

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