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Pueblo, Colorado, also referred to as " The Home of the Heroes”, was given this proclamation in 1993 by the United States Our elected representatives, due to Tribu having as many as four receivers of the " Medal of Honor” living here in the community. Pueblo goes back as far as 1842, and was known as " Fort Pueblo” (History of Pueblo). Over time, Pueblo became the " backbone” of Southern The state of colorado due to the ore mines and it is also the greatest steel creating city in america, thus likewise being known as the " Steel City”. Pueblo has had a long and colorful history and has had five different countries and territories that " held dominion” over the area. These five areas are as follows: Italy, Mexico, Tx, Spain, as well as, the United States of America. (History of Pueblo)

Tribu County is usually 2, 398 square mile area and is located about 112 mls south from the state capital of Denver, Colorado and approximately 75 miles north of the New Mexico edge. Pueblo is usually geographically located at the area of the Illinois River and Fountain Creek and is about 4600 ft above sea level. Even though surrounded by a lot of mountains like the Wet Mountains, the Inalterable de Cristo Mountains, Green Horn Mountain range and Pikes Peak Huge batch, Pueblo is very much desert land with twelve-monthly precipitation getting only approximately 12 inches. (Pueblo, The state of colorado, 2014). Poblado County provides a land part of 2389 square feet and on the lookout for. 0 square miles of water. (City-Data Pueblo Region, CO, 2012) Population/Economic Assesssment

Pueblo's populace according to 2012's census is 159, 063 the growth price of 3. 56% since 2k, and which usually rank this 246th for the most populated town in the region. Pueblo is comprised of an extremely diverse mix of people with most being white non-Hispanics at 56. 2% and the Latinos or " Latinos” composed of 39. 2% of the inhabitants. The remaining human population is made up of African Americans 2 . 4%, Native Americans installment payments on your 9%, Cookware 1% as well as the remaining 2 . 4% in the population will be those that are of two or more races (American Fact Finder). The average age of Pueblo's inhabitants is approximately 39 years old. The overall population proportions of those 18 years and younger can be 24. five per cent and with those sixty five years and older comprising 15. 3%. (United Mentioned Census Bureau, 2010) `As mentioned before, Pueblo is one of the country's top market leaders in stainlesss steel production, however the huge " steel-market” crash of 1982 left Tribu with a reasonably weak overall economy since that time. In line with the 2010 census, the average gross annual household income in Nacion is approximately $38, 780, which includes Pueblo County's income rating far under Colorado's average income of $47, 510. With these kinds of a difference in the average annual rent, Pueblo has a high percentage of the population that is living below the National Poverty Level, making Pueblo's overall low income rate is a 2nd top in the express of Colorado. The average home size is 2 . 47 persons. According to statistics from your American Reality Finder, Poblado County has 18. 1% total population below the Government Poverty Level. Of that inhabitants, there are 21. 3% which can be children 18 years and younger, those 18 years to 64 years old is definitely 17% and others over the age of 66 are on the lookout for. 6% below the Federal Lower income Level (America Fact Finder, 2012). With almost 20% of Pueblo County's populace being below the Federal Low income Level, it would stand to reason the increase in the number of people in Poblado that are eligible for food plastic stamps and other public assistance. According to the 2012 American Community Study, there were an estimated total of 11, 976 households in Pueblo State that received food stamps. Of the homes that received food stamps 45. seven percent of them acquired children 18 years or perhaps younger and 23. 4% had in least one person in the home that was 60 years or perhaps older. (United Stated Census Bureau, 2010)...

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