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1 Business Summary

This report addresses the new innovation product line expansion idea manufactured by BBQ Wholesales Centre: BBQ GRILL Caravan.

2 Introduction and Business Overview

2 . you Background of Organisation

BBQ Wholesales Middle was founded in 2004. This specializes in Barbecue catering and Organizing incidents for little family gathering and large business parties. BARBECUE Wholesale is providing a one-stop services that emphasizes on its convenience, affordable pricing and fresh food to the buyers. Currently, BBQ GRILL Wholesale comes with an online website (bbqwholesale. com) that the clients could place their orders and a Facebook with around six, 000 " likes” which it uses to interact with the customers. 2 . 2Proposed New Service

BBQ Caravan is the fresh proposed support introduced by BBQ Wholesale. The concept of this new product line file format is to supplying lodge and catering meals. Caravan is defined as " a sizable enclosed motor vehicle capable of being pulled by a car or lorry and equipped to be lived in; camping car” (Dictionary, 2009). BARBECUE Wholesale shows the idea of renting a ‘moveable location' and also catering bar-b-que food pertaining to the customers to have a bonding/ gathering sessions using their friends and families. installment payments on your 2 . 1Categories of Services: People Digesting

BBQ Caravan falls under the People-processing categories:

1 . This involves discussion between the customer and the physical product. Customers are required to work with the staff of BBQ Wholesale, for example , orientation in the caravan, hand-over of equipment and payment procedure. 2 . The modern service provided by BBQ low cost is directed to the customer; consumers stay in Caravan and likes barbeque foodstuff. 3. Clients are required to be physically present at the physical location (Caravan) in order for the newest service to execute. 4. Managers have to put in thoughts from the process of the service and output from the customer standpoint.

2 . 2 . 2Driver

National Parks The The only current solution for individuals to stay outdoor while having barbeque is to presentation tent. This will result in discomfort for an individual because of the size restriction of the tent. You will see pollution for the environment while people undertaking outdoor cooking area because there is zero proper gear to remove the rubbish so trash will be left over after the people left the premises. The perfect solution is to the current problem will be presenting Caravan service to the public. Caravans are automobiles that have lounging facility inside, this give user the cabability to be able to stay outdoor with all the comfort of obtaining the experience of indoor. This multiple solution will provide user the comfort of staying outdoor, at the same time provide equipment to get the bar-b-que within the vehicle and a suitable dispose point of rubbish to prevent environment pollution.

2 . 3Positioning

installment payments on your 3. 1Target Market

BBQ GRILL Caravan goals the early adopters, family oriented individuals and young adults. Early on adopters can be a group of people who also are exciting and are willing to try fresh stuffs. They embrace new technology before almost every other people carry out. Early adopters tend to get or try new stuff sooner than the majority of their colleagues. As each of our service is known as a new idea, the early adopters will be considering our providers. Thus we have to focus the marketing work to create awareness of our in order to them. We all also focus on the family members oriented people as one of our target market as they are the ones who initiate and plan family outings. The reason they plan friends and family outings is really because they want to improve family ties. Since one of many core benefits for our service provides bonding together, we must emphasis our advertising efforts about this target group so that they can consider us being a choice when they are planning a friends and family outing. One other of our target group is the young adults. Young adults like to binding and mingling. They will usually organize birthday parties or perhaps class...