" You skipped a lot of heartache, sure. But David, you skipped a lot of joy. " (Pg. 249) Sometimes anytime we are facing important decisions. Whether these kinds of decisions will be what School to attend, what career to pursue, or where to settle down; all of these decisions impact existence. We may always know very well what the right decision is and frequently it comes right down to that stomach feeling inside the pit of the stomach. In Kim Edwards' The Memory Keeper's Daughter one crucial decision designed the lives of two families. Though this book intertwines many designs, one actually stands out. The major theme during this book has to be the duty of keeping secrets and the devastation they ultimately cause.

The storyline starts out throughout a blizzard in Kentucky, 1964. Dr . David Henry's wife is going in to labor and he is required to deliver his children himself with only the help of his nurse. Norah, Henry's better half did not understand she was pregnant with twins. Holly delivers the first baby, a healthy selecting named Paul without difficulty. When he delivers the 2nd child Norah is almost subconscious with having a laugh gas that was very common through the 50's and 60's during labor. Dr . Henry instantly notices the tell-tale symptoms on his newborn daughter Pheobe and diagnostic category her as a mongoloid. In those days not much was known regarding children with Down syndrome. They were considered to have intense medical problems and brief lives. Virtually all children given birth to with Down syndrome were put in institutions where few of their affiliated medical challenges were tackled, leading the majority of to expire in childhood or early adulthood. The term " Mongoloid” was not changed to Down problem until 1965. David's sis was born which has a

hole in her heart. After growing up with a terminally ill sis and observing the tremendous grief his mom went through when she passed away was what actually ultimately led him to make the decision to give up Pheobe. He believed Pheobe might die too soon like his sister and knew it might destroy his wife,...