My fourthe housbonde was a revelour, This is to seyn, this individual hadde a paramour; And I was yong and ful of ragerye, Stiborn and strong, and Ioly like a pye. Discussion coude We daunce to the harpe smale, And singe, y-wis, every nightingale, Whan I had dronke a draughte of swete wyn. Metellius, the foule cherl, the swyn, That with a staf birafte his wyf hir lyf, To get she drank wyn, thogh I hadde been his wyf, This individual sholde nat han daunted me fro drinke; And, after wyn, on Venus moste I thinke: For al and so siker since cold engendreth hayl, A likerous mouth moste ryan a likerous tayl. In womman vinolent is no protection, This knowen lechours by simply experience. | " My fourth husband was a partier and a philanderer, and I was young and carefree and extremely headstrong. Produce a little wines, and I'd sing and dance every night. You do not forget that old account about the ancient guy named Metellius who overcome his better half to death because the lady drank a lot of wine? Well, he sure wouldn't have got stopped me from ingesting! I always acquire horny the moment I'm intoxicated because sex and liquor usually go hand-in-hand. So that as any womanizer can tell you, women have trouble fending off men's improvements when they're drunk.

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But , lord Crist! whan that it remembreth meUpon my personal yowthe, and my Iolitee, It tikleth me aboute myn herte rote. On to this day it dooth myn herte boteThat I have got my community as in my own tyme. Yet age, allas! that al wol envenyme, Hath me biraft my own beautee and my pith; Lat go, fare-wel, the devel proceed therwith! The flour can be goon, ther is na-more to telle, The bren, as I best can, at this point moste My spouse and i selle; But yet to be correct mery wol I fonde. Now wol I tellen of my personal fourthe housbonde. | " Oh Head of the family in paradise! Remembering those fun moments I had once i was fresh tickles me personally to my own core. That makes myself glad with the knowledge that I had those experiences inside my youth. To bad this time age offers stolen my beauty and youthful strength. Oh well. I don't require them in any case! I'm not young any longer, and that's merely all there is certainly to that. Now I just need to make do using what I have left and try to discover some delight in that. Oh, anyway, back in my next husband. | I seye, I hadde in herte greet despytThat he of any other experienced delyt. But he was give up, by The almighty and by seint Ioce! We made him of the same wode a afflizione; Nat of my body in no bad manere, Although certeinly, My spouse and i made persons swich chere, That in his owene grece I made him fryeFor angre, as well as for verray Ialousye. By The almighty, in erthe I was his purgatorie, Which is why I hope his soule take glorie. For God this woot, this individual sat total ofte and songWhan that his shoo ful bitterly him wrong. Ther was no wight, preserve God and he, that wiste, In several wyse, just how sore I him twiste. He deyde whan I cam fro Ierusalem, And lyth y-grave under the rode-beem, Al is definitely his tombe noght so curiousAs was your sepulcre of him, Darius, Which that Appelles wroghte subtilly; That nis nevertheless wast to burie him preciously. Lat him fare-wel, God yeve his soule reste, He is now in the grave in addition to his cheste. | " You know, this made me furious to think that he was sleeping around to women. Although by Our god, I got him in the end since two may play that game! My spouse and i flirted to men, which will just prepared his goose. I put him through hell on earth, and I understand he endured because he was the kind of man who'd complain about just about everything. Only he and God knew simply how much I tortured that gentleman. He passed away shortly after We returned via my pilgrimage to Jerusalem. He's smothered inside our church, though his grave isn't very nearly since fancy since the tomb the you Appelles created for Darius so very long ago. Whatever nice would have been a waste in the fourth partner. Anyway, your dog is dead right now, God others his spirit. | Modern Text|

Right now of my fifthe housbond wol We telle. Our god lete his soule by no means come in helle! And yet was he to me the moste shrewe; That fele I actually on my ribbes al simply by rewe, And ever shal, unto myn ending-day. In our understructure he was therefore fresh and gay, And ther-with-al and so wel coude he me glose, Whan that this individual wolde ryan my bele chose, That thogh he hadde myself bet in each boon, This individual...